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Knowledge Mobolization

The Knowledge Mobilization (KM) team is led by Dr. Brian Clarke of Providence Health, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

The team develops and creates content and tailors approaches in consultation with identified audiences: patients and families, healthcare professionals, the general public, government and policy makers, researchers, and industry and technology partners. 

Patients and Families 

The CHF Alliance is working closely with the HeartLife Foundation and the Centre of Excellence for Partnership with Patients and the Public (CEPPP) to identify patient needs and priorities. Together, they develop mechanisms to make the information accessible to patients of varying educational and technical levels, including essential system navigation tools.

Health care professionals  

The KM team works to address disparities and variations in care and promote improved patient outcomes. These interventions includes the co-creation of CME programs (i.e., heart failure academy), clinical practice guidelines, and clinical care pathways. Various partners are involved, including the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS), the Canadian Heart Failure Society (CHFS), the Canadian Cardiovascular Pharmacists Network, CMA endeavor (primary care), and C-Change.

General public

Information/media campaigns are developed for the general public to alert them to the risk factors/symptoms of HF so that they can report suspicious symptoms early to their healthcare provider to reduce the risk of HF and improve early diagnosis. Network members are involved in the Heart and Stroke Heart Failure Action Plan work with Heart and Stroke to incorporate their plan into our KM strategy. 

The KM team is currently collaborating with the CHFS on the organization of the fifth edition of Canada's National Heart Failure Awareness Week, which will take place May 1-7, 2023. Several partners are coming together to launch this collaborative effort, including the CCS, the HeartLife Foundation, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the Société Québécoise d'Insuffisance Cardiaque, the Canadian Council of Cardiac Nurses, and the Canadian Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation.

Government and decision makers

The CHF Alliance engages decision makers in the development and evaluation of innovations developed by the network to facilitate their translation into clinical practice. 


Findings will be published in peer-reviewed journals and other forums.

Each year, the CHF Alliance hold its annual meeting where all CHF Alliance members can share their findings and ideas to improve the prevention, diagnosis and management of heart failure across Canada, including remote areas.  

Industry and technology partners

Industry and technology partners are key players for the network, as many of the discoveries and innovations that will emerge from the network will be developed and translated in partnership with industry. 

Team Lead

Dr. Brian Clarke
Providence Health

KM team members

Dr. Davina Banner-Lukaris
University of Northern  British Columbia

Marc Bains 2_edited.jpg

Marc Bains


Dr. Shelley Zieroth
St. Boniface Hospital


Dr. Lori West
University of Alberta

Paula Henderson_edited_edited.jpg

Paula Henderson
Patient Partner

Knowledge mobilization team members 

Dr. Brian Clarke - Cardiologist, Associate Professor, Providence Health Care, University of British Columbia. 

Dr. Shelley Zieroth - Cardiologist, Associate Professor, St. Boniface Hospital, University of Manitoba.

Paula Henderson - Patient Partner, Ontario.

Dr. Davina Banner-Lukaris - Professor, School of Nursing, University of Northern British Columbia.

Marc Bains - Patient Partner, Co-Lead of the CHF Alliance, Co-Founder of the HeartLife Foundation.

Dr. Andrew Krahn - Cardiologist, Professor, University of British Columbia.

Dr. Eva Lonn - Cardiologist, Professor, PHRI, McMaster University.

Dr. Lori West - Cardiologist, Professor, University of Alberta.


Dr. Eva Lonn
McMaster University

Dr. Andrew Krahn
University of British Columbia

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