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Indigenous Health and Wellness Team 

The Indigenous Health and Wellness team is led by Dr. Alexandra King, a member of the Nipissing First Nation (Ontario), and by Dr. Malcolm King, a member of Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, both from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SASK, Canada. This team focuses on improving the prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of HF in Indigenous people living in Indigenous communities. 

As outlined on the Translational Team, the CHF Alliance will help complete the GWAS and biomarker panel of the CAHHM First Nations Cohort and support the co-development of Indigenous co-identified priority projects, including the identification of high-risk individuals for HF.  

In addition, the team has identified two priorities that will lead to project development. The first is to map the patient journey of Indigenous people living with HF, while the second is to improve access to care for patients diagnosed with HF/LV dysfunction by adaptating of the CANet VIRTUES and HOPE-HF trial program to a culturally safe and responsive model for Indigenous populations.

Indigenous journey mapping

This project aims to document from a strength-based perspective the experiences of Indigenous peoples, in particular those related to heart and brain-heart conditions, as they navigate health and wellness care systems. The goal is to identify opporunities for wholistic interventions and wellness pathways that honour Indigenous ways of knowing and doing.

The team is diligently working with Dr. Janet Jull (Queen's University, School of Rehabilitation Therapy) and a dedicated Knowledge Holders Circle (KHC) branch to develop the study protocol. A draft protocol has been submitted to the USask Research Ethics Board and the team is anticipating to start the experiential pilot interviews very soon. The insights gained from the pilot phase will further help refine the protocol with guidance from the KHC. 

Team Leads

Dr. Alexandra King
University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Malcolm King
University of Saskatchewan

Mitewekan - Indigenous advisory council 

This work is closely linked with Mitewekan, which serves as a guiding circle to the network on matters of contextualization and adaptation, and on bringing Indigenous ways of knowing and doing research. As well, Mitewekan oversees the development of Indigenous data sovereignty guidelines, assisted by Indigenous scholars and community leaders.  

See First Nations, Inuit and Métis to learn more about Mitewekan. 


Indigenous team members

Dr. Alexandra King - Cameco Chair in Indigenous Health and Wellness, Assistant Professor General Internal Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Malcolm King - Health Researcher, University of Saskatchewan.

Ashley Secundiak - Project Coordinator, University of Saskatchewan.

Kehinde Ametepee - Research Manager, University of Saskatchewan.

Elder Sharon Jinkerson-Brass - Member of the Pewaseskwan indigenous Wellness Research Group, University of Saskatchewan.

Nicole Pasloski - Research Associate, University of Saskatchewan.

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