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Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation in Heart Failure: HOPE-HF

The HOPE-HF collaborative project is led by Dr. Robert McKelvie of Western University, London, ON, Canada.  

Adoption of proven therapies for HF is suboptimal in Canada. Specialized HF clinics improve HF management, but these are mostly located in tertiary hospitals and are accessed by only 10% of HF patients. There is a lack of integration of HF care in primary care. Therefore, building integrated and supported HF care in primary care is critical to improving HF management in the community, especially in settings where access to a HF cilinic is limited. HOPE-HF will then evaluate whether a non-physician health workers (NPHW)-led HF management program, delivered in primary care and centrally supported from tertiary care centers, will improve HF management and outcomes. 

Team Lead

Dr. Robert McKelvie
Western University

HOPE-HF team members

A multi-phase approach 

The HOPE-HF project is being developed in three distinct phases. During Phase 1, the Executive Team, in collaboration with experts and stakeholders, will develop a Network Model of Care that aims to articulate the case for system change and outline a standardized approach to operationalize and evaluate integrated services for people living with HF. Elements of the network model will include guidance on how to identify partners, conduct gap analyses and environmental scans, implement and manage the network, and measure quality of care.

Then, in Phase 2, the network model will be implemented by regional provincial groups within the participating provinces (Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia). This phase will assess the feasibility of implementing the network model, refine the implementation processes, and conduct a preliminary evaluation of the network model on key outcomes.

Ultimately, these two phases will lead to Phase 3 which will consist of a national, multi-site heart-failure study. 

Currently, the team is in the early stages of Phase 1. 


Dr. George Heckman 
University of Waterloo


Dr. Christopher Licskai 
Western University

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